More than Just a Blogging Site: Why a WordPress Website is an Excellent Choice for Your Business

When it comes to creativity, no one is a fan of limits. When you’re inspired, you want to effectively get the idea across on your website. If you have a big event to count down to or a video marketing project to post, you expect an easy process.

This is where a WordPress Website steps in. WordPress is a CMS platform established in 2003 which has grown beyond blogging to become the top content management system out there according to Matt Mullenweg. The beauty of the platform is that even the most non-tech person can make a fairly presentable website, whether it be for personal or ecommerce use. Tech-savvy experts can create something out of this world. For those who crave more control and customization over their content and design, you’re probably tempted. But the big question is how is it beneficial for your business?

  1. Creativity doesn’t have a price: Although upgraded accounts offer more, you can go pretty far with a free plan. WordPress offers a few free themes to choose from and some minor editing options which include changes in font, text color, and text box color. If you’re code-savvy, you don’t have to hire someone to create specific customizations. WordPress provides cool images for every theme. Already have your image saved on your computer? You can easily upload it and adjust the alignment. Beyond themes, you can add images, links, and much more to make your pages really stand out.
  2. More chance for communication: Many people settle for popular yet flawed platforms for business promotion such as Wix. Authors, artists, and other small business owners rule the platform with websites similar to their profession. Page layouts are easy to design and it’s one of the up and coming CMS solutions out there. But there’s a huge lack of creative design options. One of the major benefits to having a business website is the creative control over how your brand is represented, unfortunately Wix locks you into their drag and drop options. With WordPress, you have access to all the great qualities of any business webpage along with all the essential tools needed to stay connected with the public.
  3. Easy to use: Have you ever signed up for a website, went to the dashboard and had to ask yourself how things work and what you’re supposed to do because of the complexity and a lack of instruction to match? How convenient is a business website if it takes forever just to complete simple tasks? With WordPress, the Dashboard is easy to comprehend. Everything’s described bluntly with easy instruction, saving you time and hassle when you need to upload your latest blog post or swap out an image.
  4. No strings attached: Another downside to using other website platforms for your business is the cost and inconvenience of migrating your site from an outdated, recently less popular or perhaps even a newly out-of-business platform. Though this is a risk with any third-party service, WordPress powers 25% percent of the websites on the internet today. No other platform comes close to the developer support and proliferation that WordPress has achieved. This means that by building your website on the WordPress platform you can rest assured it will be supported and be able to handle all the growth your company may need.
  5. Keep track of your site’s traffic: One of the best feelings of signing in to your page is seeing you have new views. This lovely feature exposes way more information than just overall views. A graph appears at the top of your page, showing your stats such as views, visitors, likes, and comments which you could view by days, weeks, months, or years. You can see the most popular day and hour along with the percentage of views at those times as well as what your most viewed content is, what outside links receive the most clicks, what countries your views are coming from, and so much more.

If you have found that pre designed WordPress themes aren’t communicating your brand or engaging visitors in a way that converts, or you’re just ready to take your WordPress website to the next level; FleetCreature’s expert WordPress designers and developers have you covered! Contact Us for a FREE Project Consultation!

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