Organic SEO for businesses on a crunched budget

Search engine optimization or SEO, is often neglected by businesses with crunched budgets because of its long-term nature and slower return on investment. With PPC (Google Adwords) and other digital marketing investments providing a much quicker return, SEO is sometimes forgotten. However, there are ways that businesses with crunched budgets can invest in organic SEO without consuming their budget.

Local business listings

The best way for small businesses to gain an SEO advantage is to learn about the various services that search engine optimization is composed of. As Steve Olenski of Forbes points out, Local SEO can increase search engine rankings for a number of reasons. Primarily, it provides search engines with many verifiable references that your business exists and is located at the same address stated on your website. Secondly, local business listings provide backlinks and link building is essential to increasing rankings.

Blogging with quality content

Surely, you understand your business better than anyone else. Why not develop high quality blog posts that showcase the knowledge and experience you have obtained? This will help your customers see that you are an authority in your industry and can be trusted for information. Blogging with quality content is a great way to expand your keyword coverage on your website and provide search engines with fresh content to rank. Professional blogging also allows you to expand your internal linking, which will increase rankings site-wide.

Content syndication

Just as quality content is important, it’s also important to make sure this content gets in front of the eyes of your target audience. You can’t expect customers to come to you when your website isn’t already ranking at the top. Instead, you have to syndicate your content to authority sites that already have users and potential customers for your business. Syndicating your blog content is a great way to enhance visibility, gain backlinks and build an audience for your blog.

Whether your business requires an Organic SEO campaign that ranks nationally or internationally or a directed Local SEO campaign; we offer a variety of packages for every budget, with results you can see!  If you have any questions on how FleetCreature uses these services to increase rankings or how can accomplish this for your business, please contact us.

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