Outsourcing Your Business Blog? 4 Things to Consider

Once Joe Pulizzi has convinced you that your business blog is an essential tool to drive traffic to your website, you are faced with one primary question. Should you write your own blog or outsource it to a professional blogging service?

First, it is important to note that there is no definitive yes or no answers to this question. Some business owners enjoy having a direct connection to their content marketing strategy. However, many business owners don’t have the time and expertise to dedicate to their blog on a regular basis.

So, the answer rests largely on a few basic considerations.

1) Can you write well?

For some business owners, the thought of sitting down and putting words into a blog triggers traumatic flashbacks of high school term papers gone terribly awry. If writing just is not your thing, outsourcing your blog is a good idea.

2) Do you have the time?

Some business owners would love to write their own blogs, but simply cannot carve out sufficient time to do so. Considering that successful business blogs take a substantial amount of time to establish and maintain, many business owners decide that they would rather spend their time on other aspects of growing their business, and outsource blogging to those who write professionally.

3) Will outsourcing affect the quality of your blog?

Is your current blog filled with relevant, engaging, entertaining information? If so, it is wise to consider whether outsourcing will disrupt or enhance the good thing you have going.

If your readers detect a change in the tone or style of your blog, it is best that the change be for the better. If you choose to outsource, make sure that the quality of your content either continues an already upward trend, or turns a poor blog into a working, vibrant center of information for your readers.

4) Will outsourcing help or hinder your credibility?

The answer here is largely dependent on the type of outsourcing you choose. Working with a reputable content marketing agency, such as FleetCreature, will help ensure that your blog becomes and remains a source of credible, relevant information for your audience. Choosing poorly will have the opposite effect.

If you would like some additional guidance about outsourcing your business blog, please contact us. We excel in digital marketing, which includes content marketing and professional blogging, and we can work with you to find the best fit for your business today.

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