Does Your Business Need Online Reputation Repair?

If your company has trouble online, be it from a few disgruntled reviewers or attacks on social media, you might have wondered if your business needs online reputation repair -or maybe you didn’t even know it was possible… but it is.

In the 21st Century, public relations is as much about managing an online reputation as it is orchestrating engagement with the public offline. FleetCreature offers full-service brand reputation management which neutralizes poor reviews and unsettling attacks from all angles.

FleetCreature’s Online Reputation Management & Online Reputation Repair specialists ensure that when users search for you, be it on Google or Yelp or a similar service, they only see the content that you want your brand or business to be known for. This is achieved by inundating platforms with positive reviews and social signals, in order to make sure negative content is always on the second or third page of results and that negative reviews are outweighed by a number of positive reviews.

The process we use to rehabilitate the reputation of an online identity, brand or business works primarily three ways.

First and foremost, we manage your online reputation by focusing our efforts on established websites, blogs and social media accounts. These online voices can serve to drown out the naysayers who have been hounding your business by bumping them off of the first page of search results, (if it doesn’t exist on the first page of search engines – it doesn’t exist), and diluting their negative reviews with authentically crafted messages that highlight the best parts of your business.

Second, we optimize the content your company puts out. By fine-tuning your SEO, search engines will place relevant content at the top, making it less likely that any negative content is seen by your potential customers.

Finally, we are fully equipped to submit legal take-down notices to anyone who has libeled your company. Though this option is often used as a last resort, there is no reason to let anyone defame your business or brand with slanderous claims and baseless accusations.

Please contact us to learn how our Online Reputation Experts can help display the results you want.


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