How to Leverage your YouTube Channel for Maximum SEO

Videos are one of the best ways to engage your audience and captivate their attention. For those brief few minutes, you have the complete attention of the viewer. Video content provides a chance to “sell” your products or services, without having to do any direct pitching. For instance, you can use animated videos to illustrate a point, explain a topic or answer a question. This creates informative, valuable content that demonstrates your authority in the industry.

Google purchased YouTube in 2006; shortly thereafter we saw a substantial increase in SERP and overall positioning for brands that coordinated successful YouTube videos into their overall search engine optimization strategy, this is still true today.

Below, you will find 5 ways to do this effectively:

  1. Write detailed descriptions that include your target keywords

Search engines value quality content and YouTube is no different. Make sure your video descriptions are detailed and as long as necessary. This gives you ample opportunity to include multiple target keywords. Which will enhance your rankings by giving YouTube more content to better understand the video, its subject and who it is useful for. Just remember to keep your description accurate and avoid keyword stuffing. Mitchell Harper does a great job of documenting some best practices here that are still relevant today.

  1. Optimize the title of your video

Definitely a no-brainer here but your video’s title should be an attention grabbing headline with your most important keyword included. An optimized title is essential because it is the headline that describes your video most efficiently for viewers.

  1. Link to your video in online communities

Backlinks help YouTube recognize that your video is popular and well-received by the online community as a whole. Find forums, blogs and social sites where you can link out to your video as a helpful resource for their viewers. This will not only enhance your rankings by showing YouTube that your video is liked, it provides the opportunity for direct traffic.

  1. Encourage comments and be an active contributor

Encourage commenting and be sure to actively respond to comments as well. The number of comments your video has and your attentiveness can have an effect on rankings. YouTube prefers publishers that take an active part in responding and contributing to their community.

  1. Encourage subscribing

YouTube places a lot of weight on the number of subscribers your channel has. The more subscribers, the higher the signal that you produce quality content and that you are contributing something valuable to the community. You can encourage subscribers by simply asking for your audience to subscribe within your videos, this is best done with a CTA banner at the end of the video or verbally asking your audience to subscribe.

Leveraging your YouTube channel for the maximum SEO benefit is about going the extra mile to make your YouTube videos standout. This includes the actual video content, the overall message and the on page text that you use to describe your brand, service and product.

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